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Wellness Workshops for Dental Professionals
Wellness Workshops for Dental Professionals

The demos and hands on instruction really made this course. Great mix of anatomy, function and movement. Really unique approach with a manual that will be very helpful. Everything was perfect.

Kathleen is very good at describing the movements, demonstration, corrections and speaking in general. Loved the simple tools we could take away. Good flow of exercise with lecture. This was an appropriate level for a beginner like myself.

Great visuals, good cues and use of props. Very adept with the subtleties and I really appreciated that you came around to help everyone.

Two instructors with good anatomy backgrounds to supervise and correct, made a huge difference with how well I understood the material. I loved the exercise component that I could take away and replicate with the manual.

My posture is typical of someone approaching 60 who has played asymmetrical sports with a strong right hand dominance. Over the last 30 plus years my posture has been influenced by holding positions for long time periods at desks and sports that require me to move and stretch asymmetrically. What Posture Matter offers is a road to move, that is critical to my quality of life. Quality for me means participating and competing in activities that get me off the coach, and not being limited by a body that does not work like it once did. There is no doubt that age will have an effect but with Posture Matters coaching and knowledge, you will be saying “yes” to your wife, children and grandchildren for much longer than you think. Let the hiking, skiing, golfing, throwing-the-ball-for-the-dog continue!