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Wellness Workshops for Dental Professionals
Wellness Workshops for Dental Professionals

Why Posture Matters?

...Because It Does!

Many of us work our whole life to gain wealth, only to retire and spend our life savings trying to regain our health.

At Posture Matters we educate about the side affects and health issues that an inefficient posture has on you. We then empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to prevent you from a future of pain and struggle.

Poor posture knows no boundaries… affecting: Athletes to Couch Potatoes, Millennial’s to Baby Boomers, Tradespeople to Office Types.

Postural education and targeted exercises are extremely important at every age and for all lifestyles and fitness levels.

Posture Monsters - health issues from inefficient postures

Inefficient postures held over time can easily result in chronic neck, shoulder and lower back pain. The cascade of affects can cause headaches and overall tension. Circulation and breathing capacity are reduced, vital organs get compressed and the core doesn’t stand a fighting chance.

There are a multitude of problems you may be living with today, that could be directly linked to holding inefficient postures. Many people dismiss warnings as signs of aging, mask them with medication or spend a small fortune on body therapies. We call these issues Posture Monsters, and we all have one. The key is knowing how to identify yours and then eliminate it.

Good Posture doesn’t cost anything and it makes you look terrific no matter what your age! It’s time to take action, because you’re worth it.