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Wellness Workshops for Dental Professionals
Wellness Workshops for Dental Professionals

Resolving Practice Related Pain

We are experts in Postural Re-education and the connective tissue called Myofascia that is throughout or bodies. We have created profoundly effective and cutting edge programs to combat our current negative postural evolution.

Our workshops deliver a system of proven Pilates based exercises with Self Myofascial Release techniques that re-educate your muscles and connective tissues. All of our students receive individual and hands-on attention. We ensure you fully understand the techniques and that you are able to reproduce them on your own.

Your long term reward is efficient and pain-free posture that you will hold automatically! The results will have you feeling taller and looking more confident.

Arm Line Myofascial picture top left courtesy of Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains 2009 – Churchill Livingstone / Elsevier