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Wellness Workshops for Dental Professionals
Wellness Workshops for Dental Professionals

Empowering Health Providers with Improved Health and Wellness

dental professional wellness with Posture Matters

You spent MANY years and VAST sums of money acquiring your skills and education …don’t let PAIN take you out of practice before you are ready!

of Dental team members develop chronic pain in their career
of Dentists identify having at least one MSD
of Dental Hygienists suffer symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Let us ensure that you stay on top of the physical demands of your practice!

    • Dysfunction likely affects cervical, thoracic, lumbar spines and associated musculature
    • Upper limb and neck peripheral neuropathies are rampant
    • Early burnout is disturbingly common
    • Schools do not give education for current and effective ways to maintain postural health
    • Many are doing non-specific exercises unaware these may damage their well-being
    • Results: Chronic spine and shoulder pain, rotator cuff imbalances, carpel tunnel syndrome and headaches….which only names the top 5!

Book a course in your city to educate your whole office!


  • Prevent Practice Pain – Full Day active workshop
  • Prevent Practice Pain – ½ Day active workshop
  • How to be Fascialicious! – 3 hour lecture with some activity
  • Kiss Practice Pain Goodbye – 1 hour Lunch ‘n Learn (available in Calgary and surrounding areas only)
EMPOWER - hands-on posture instruction guides

Our hands-on instruction guides you through our specialized muscle re-education, targeted Pilates exercises and Self Myofascial Release techniques.

Extra bonus, you come away knowing how to truly access your core and this includes your feet!

Good posture once correctly understood and reinforced… can be effortless.


The demos and hands on instruction really made this course. Great mix of anatomy, function and movement. Really unique approach with a manual that will be very helpful. Everything was perfect.

Kathleen is very good at describing the movements, demonstration, corrections and speaking in general. Loved the simple tools we could take away. Good flow of exercise with lecture. This was an appropriate level for a beginner like myself.

Great visuals, good cues and use of props. Very adept with the subtleties and I really appreciated that you came around to help everyone.

Talk to us about booking a course for your study group or Association.

Learn from us... become Fascialicious!